TraveLab brings STEM to Manchester's Libraries!

Spring 2017 STEMSoc is launching a series of new, innovative outreach events at Manchester's community libraries. Our student volunteer teams will have fun and inspiring activities for kids and grown-ups of all ages related to all sorts of science, tech, engineering and mathematics.

See a list of our upcoming events below, and come along with the whole family! You can even come find out more about what it's like to study STEM subjects at university level.

What Is Matter Made Of? Feb 11th

Our first event at Forum library featured fundamental particle arts and crafts + colour-ins and games, adorable stuffed toys and a fun pop-up quiz!

The event was run in collaboration with the School of Physics and Astronomy at UoM.

Bugs, Brains and Botany. March 11th.

Visitors to the Newton Heath library on the 11th March got the chance to try out some of our messier activities... Throughout the afternoon visitors created their own models of cells, explored sheep and rat brains and much more! Our new labcoats were also tried on for the first time...

Visualising and Gaming with Maths. Feb 25th

The team spent a nice day in Withington library. Over 40 people stopped by to see a 3D printer in action, and to play games with the mathsoutreach team. Learning the winning strategy for battleship and elementary graph theory of islands and bridges were particularly popular.

Combatting Climate Change. March 25th.

Our volunteers introduced visitors to CO2 emissions and built miniature greenhouses at Abraham Moss Library!

Get into Coding! April 29th.

Longsight Library was in for a treat, as our volunteers brought in Patterncraft for binary coding, advice on getting started with Scratch and Python as well as Raspberry Pis!

Parents also had the chance to chat to our postgrad volunteers about how important coding is in today's job market.

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