STEMSoc's Code Club Project

Since 2015, STEMSoc members have volunteered weekly at a local elementary school to inspire children to code themselves.

Our Code Club is a part of an international network of similar projects, more information can be found at


The lessons are taught using Scratch, an introductory coding language based on "blocks" that the user can move across the screen. It is so easy to learn that most of our volunteers have no previous background in coding!

We volunteer at the Green End Primary school (Burnage) on Wednesdays, from 3-4:30 pm, including travel time. The taxis to the school and back are paid for by the SU.

We usually require at most 3 volunteers for each session, so you don't have to do it every week.

If you'd like to start volunteering at a Code Club, please contact Olga at

Here's what a typical project looks like:

A "ghost-catching" game, level 1 project

Our aim is to inspire the younger ones to code
How the kids see us... we see ourselves